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Moving Lights

What is "Moving Lights" residency program?

It refers not only to the Northern Lights that occurs during this special time of the year. It also refers to the changing seasons with more and less daylight. Light is moving and changing, from night to day, from summer to winter. Light changes in colours and in intensity, from a light glow to a shining bright light. We can also switch light on and off with one touch. Light is always moving, light leaves traces...

So during this special time we are looking for artists who work with light or who use light, natural light and of course electric light, as the main topic of their work. Or maybe you are just inspired by the theme and want to break through the darkness and bring us your light.

It does not matter if you create lightsculptures or if you are a (light-painting-) photographer, dancer, singer, musician, poet, or installation artist. Whether you want to move light or the light moves you, we are curious about your application.

Listhús in Ólafsfjörður offers a special countryside and environment to create such great and unique possibilities to work, all nearby, e.g. beach, harbour, factories, lonely valleys and lakes.

​If you ever want to work with light, do it in Ólafsfjörður now, or never...

Residency period: 01/11/18 to 12/12/18

Idea: Anno Weihs (Germany)

Program manager: Teresa Cheung Siu Hung (HK, China)

​Intern: Mara Blome (Latvia) | ​theatre director


Participating artists:
Emily Sides​ (USA) | visual artist
Geoffrey Gersh​ (USA) | composer & musician 
Jonathan Sims​ (USA) | new media art artists
Nils Karlson​ (Germany) | photographer

The interview with Trolli FM

Program posts:

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