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Solar Parcel

Solargraphy Photographic Learning & Training Project and artwork Exchange Program with Hong Kong Participants



  • Learning through science and technology (Pinhole Photography
  • Technique) to explore the natural physics of sun light (Solargraphy);
  • Try to breakthrough in art creation by applying the experimental photography technique (Pinhole Photography);
  • To understand local (Iceland) culture through photography and image
  • Widen students’ horizon through exchanging the solargraphy artworks with Hong Kong participants, students understanding the cultural dynamics between the lives in Hong Kong, Chin

Date: Feb-Nov 2014

Location: Olafsfjordur & Akureyri
Involved ​Organizations: 

​Supported by Menningarrad Eythings

Participant educational Institutions in Iceland:

Program progress


  • ​3-14. Feb. 2014 | Deiglan, Akureyri (photos)
  • ​25-26. Feb. 2014 | MTR, Olafsfjordur (photos)



  • ​​15. Nov. - 7. Dec. 2014 | Deiglan, Akureyri (photos)
  • ​26. Dec. 2014 - 4. Jan. 2015 | listhus gallery (photos)

Program archive

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