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7. 12.18 | 19:00 | Pálshús (Strandgata 4)

composer/guitarist: GEOFF GERSH(USA)


Geoff Gersh will perform solo ambient guitar compositions that have been inspired by the landscapes he’s been immersed in during his time here. ​_________________________ Geoff Gersh explores the sonic boundaries of the electric guitar with and without the aid of electronic devices and found objects to produce sounds one would normally not associate with the guitar. He performs live music to silent films monthly in NYC with his bands Black Lodge & Reel Orchestrette and leads the bowed guitar ensemble FYRN,where the instruments are bowed with metal files and metal bars, creating dense and hauntingly beautiful, decaying sonic ambient landscapes that engulf the audience as the ensemble sets up in a large circle around them. They recently performed a new composition, Dark Morning, in an old 8,000 sq. ft. warehouse at the Garner Arts Center. Geoff has 3 CDs on Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening Label as well as a number of self released titles. He has received grants from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Meet the Composer, American Music Center, Creative Connections Arts Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and has participated in the Banff Early Fall Musicians in Residence (Andres Segovia Memorial Endowment) and Listhus Moving Lights Residency in Olafsfjordur, Iceland. 

More about Geoff:

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