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Works of Annie Edney

Skammdegi | Darkness 2018-19

14-17.02.2019 | Listhus Gallery

The mythological landscape of Iceland has activated a deeper understanding of Norse culture for Edney that is integral to her conceptual research.

By visiting the locations of her multinational forebears Edney seeks phenomenologically to trigger ancestral memory, helping identify the relationship of her ancestors with their various lands.

Extended time immersed in creative practice is a dive into the fecund soup of self.

Annie has written weekly blogs during her residency in Olafsfjordur detailing the process of reading and

reflecting while making work for the Skammdegi Festival.

Title of works:

  • The Past In My Present (Video projection and sculptural installation) | recording: 01 | 02

  • Mortal Darkness (Suspended Sculpture)

  • Chimera (Drawing)

Annie also writes about her experience at Listhús leading up to the festival: Story and Cultural Sensitivitiy

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