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The "X"

by Santiago Ortiz-Piazue

15-17.02.2019 | Palshus

I am interested in exploring the translation of mind to hand to eye to the next mind…

X is negative, neutral, and positive.

I have used the letter X, an already ambiguous symbol, to design works which reference the

signage, landscape, and darkness in Ólafsfjörður.

X marks the message from a foreigner.


Title of Work: X cube

Medium: acrylic on plexiglass

Cube composed of X-shaped sides with language traced from signs in Ólafsfjörður, possibly suspended from the ceiling by fishing line with light projected through it.


Title of Work: X prints

Medium: ink on paper

Ink prints made with plexiglass used to form the X cube.


Title of Work: X rotating projection

Medium: LED rotating projector

Rotating projection of X’s on wall

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