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The Key Man

Shadow puppet show / Immersive Game Theatre by Banana Effect

29.01.2016 | 09:50-10:50 | 14:00-15:00 | Menningarhús Tjarnarborg

In the program of Skammdgi Festival, Banana Effect will be creating a show which merge Chinese Traditional Shadow Puppet elements with Immersive Game Theatre, titled “The Key Man”. It is a show without any language barrier and about the community and focuses on the inner world of the people in Ólafsfjörður. The story focuses on deep fears, desire, and living through the Icelandic dark winter. It also is a reflection on societal connections and the wanting to belong to a community.

After Iceland, “The Key Man” will be performed to other countries, like France, Korea and Japan.


Banana Effect is a Theatre Entertainment Company based in Hong Kong. It has created a new theatre form called “Immersive Game Theatre” which audiences were invited to walk around and be part of the games. They may experience an audio tour, an interactive multi-media or all kind of intimate interaction acts.

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