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by Lamby Lam, Cher Lam and Crystal Chan

Exhibition and workshop:

18 July 2015 | 14:00-18:00

Listhus Gallery

About the exhibition:

Lamby, Cher and Crystal are the handicraft artists from Hong Kong. Lamby has prepared a series of leather animal sculptures inspired by 12 zodiac signs and a work of leather flower sculpture as well. Crystal will show you handmade purses with colourful oriental flower pattern. Cher will bring her decorative ornaments and earrings.

During the exhibition, Lamby will teach you the technique of sculpting and carving with leather. Crystal will show you how to make beautiful purses and Cher will demonstrate how to use a wire to make earrings.

In the exhibition, you also can buy the DIY purse frame package to make your own. Welcome to try it out. Only one day, don’t miss it.

About the artists:

Lamby, Lam Oi Kun is running an artspace, 701 Art Corner in Hong Kong. She has taught handicrafts for years. She also organizes oil painting courses in her space. For more details, please visit:

Cher Lam is an expert in transferring images on ornaments and with skillful hands for ladies accessories.

Crystal Chan is focusing on handmade hand bags and purses.

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