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Smother Nature

A solo show by Susan Mabin at Listhus Gallery

Opening reception:  15 June 2015 | 15:00-17:00

Exhibition: 18-21 June 2015 | 16:00-18:00

About the exhibition: 

Having travelled across the world from New Zealand to come and stay in Olafsfjordur for 2 months Susan Mabin was unable to bring her usual heavy materials of sculpture with her.  Rather naively she thought that there might not be much rubbish up here on these northern shores but there is…and from this rubbish she found her materials to work with.  As Mabin worked with these ‘finds’ qualities like the colours, textures, and shapes interested her, but often the juxtapositions of materials would end up having an environmental content that touches on this rubbish problem that humans are creating.

Susan Mabin has been exhibiting art in group, solo and selected shows in New Zealand since 2001, while also bringing up a family of four sons and working in the health profession.  Since 2012 Susan has been able to focus more on art and completed a Bachelor in Visual Art and Design at Ideaschool, EIT in Taradale in New Zealand and was awarded Top Visual Art Student in 2014.  Listhus, Olafsfjordur is Susan’s first international artist residency.

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