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presentation in VMA

"AN ART BRIDGE BETWEEN WEST AND EAST: THE ROLE OF LISTHÚS Í   FJALLABYGGÐ" Shok Han Liu (Alice), Managing Director, Listhús í Fjallabyggð 

Fyrirlestraröð Listnámsbrautar VMA og Sjónlistamiðstöðvarinnar. 

Föstudagur 24. janúar kl.14 í stofu M01 í Verkmenntaskólanum á Akureyri will Shok Han Liu (Alice) talk about the roles of Listhús in a small community and its strategies for  international exchange idea as an individual artspace. She will also introduce "Solar Parcel", pinhole photography workshop, a student exchange program with Hong Kong participants for students in North Iceland. 

Shok Han Liu (Alice) moved to Iceland in 2010 and has established Listhus artist residency program in 2012. As an art management perspective, she is willing to focus on community art, collaboration with international artists for art education and culture exchange. 

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