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An exhibition by Andrea Krupp

open reception: 28. 11. 2014 | 19:00-21:00

Exhibition date and time: 29 & 30. 11. 2014 | 14:00-17:00 4 & 5. 12. 2014 | 16:00-18:00 6 & 7. 12. 2014 | 14:00-17:00

Andrea Krupp is a painter from Philadelphia, US. She graduated in the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where she studied printmaking, Andrea Krupp began painting "plein air" acrylic, watercolor and gouache landscapes in the early 1990's. Since that time she has exhibited her paintings in numerous solo shows and juried / group exhibitions. After her first art-residency in South Iceland in 2013, she created a series of woodcuts and monoprints in Philadelphia. She was deeply inspired by the sense of long human history unfolding in the shadows of these mountains. In the exhibition PLACE/PROCESS, Andrea will show her woodcuts and mono prints are a selection from her recent exhibition in Philadelphia NORTH of HERE, that explores the interplay of Saga themes and Icelandic landscape.  Besides, the paintings are selected, all in progress, explore ideas about Icelandic place and the different ways she is experiencing the landscape of Olafsfjordur. Some of the paintings are her first expressions of landscape as imagined through a screen of Icelandic, indeed human, scribal culture.  Andrea will stay at Listhus until mid-December, a 6-week stay. This is her second visit to Iceland. She claims it is a precious moment of exploration and discovery in her life as an artist. About her second visit to Iceland: In preparation for her residency at Listhus, she began with three days of research at the National Library of Iceland and the Arni Magnusson Institute in Reykjavik. These institutions house the most iconic cultural objects in Iceland, a renowned collection of Icelandic manuscripts. She absorbed the influence of the manuscripts through observing the patterns of the pages and the writing, using Google translate here and there, and approaching the texts with a willingness to imagine and daydream. As a bookbinder and a book artist, she is used to interpreting the physical story that a book can tell.  As a diarist, she can relate to the concept of daily record keeping, and of collecting miscellany and ideas that inspire.

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