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Open House + Artist Talk

26. 04. 2014 (Saturday) | 14:30-17:00 Residency artists: Ksenia SIC  (France) | Saoirse Higgins  (Ireland)

Artist talk | 15:00-16:00  Listhus resident  Saoirse Higgins + collaborating artist  Lili Chin in US.

For this talk Saoirse will present some of her past work and the project that she is exploring at the residency. Her collaborator on this project, artist Lili Chin, will Skype in from New York for this talk. Saoirse and Lili are developing a project looking at man’s relationship with nature, both good and bad. In particular, how man mediates nature, using technology. 

Saoirse (see-er-ssha) is an artist from Dublin, Ireland living in Manchester. She is interested in revealing some of the connections between our vision of the world we live in, our expectations for the future and the technology we use to help us with this. She explores the contested spaces of man-machine, man-nature, micro-macro. Her work is process-driven and has a scientifically influenced, playful approach. Saoirse has shown work at the Thessaloniki Biennale, Science gallery, Dublin; Montreal Film and New media festival; Transmediale, Berlin; Siggraph, New Orleans; Exit Art and Location One gallery, New York. She has held residences at Swatch Peace Art Hotel, Shanghai, e-Mobilart Lab, Disonancias in Spain, Location1 gallery in New York and the Banff Centre for the Arts. She is a member of the international artist group ‘The Grafting Parlour’.

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