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Olafsfjordur Impression (2)

We are honor to be part of Summer Art Festival in Akureyri with the program, Olafsfjordur Impression. The program is included two parts, a Screening and an installation exhibition.

Olafsfjordur is a village with 800 popular located in North Iceland. Although it is only 1 hour drive from Akureyri, the biggest town in North Iceland, it is even not known among Icelanders, of course, very little tourist pollution.  In past 5 years, Listhus was running artists residency in this “remote” village and over 200 artists have visited the town and created their artworks inspired the nature and people here. Through the program, Olafsfjordur Impression, we will show you what the impression from an outsiders perspectives. It’s not the whole, but pieces by pieces.

​Installation exhibition: Olafsfjordur Impression ​30-31.7.2016 | 14:00 - 17:00 | Deiglan, Akureyri

About the exhibition: The installation is constructed by 2 sets of video images and a soundscape.

Looking for Night (projection) by Merel Stolker (Netherlands)

    There is too much white     And although it is quiet, I can find no peace     I long for black

Looking for Night is a video work that in a metaphorical way captures the makers experience in a town where the night is absent. Surrounded by the constant white of daytime, the dark has to be found elsewhere. The only darkness left seems to be withdrawn in the ground: the black beach, the black mountains, the black rocks. Maybe this black can bring the peace she is looking for.

  • Merel Stolker is a young visual artist from The Netherlands working in the field of performance art, video and installation. In her work her own presence and actions always play an important part. This summer she stayed as artist in residence in Listhús Ólafsfjördur for the two months June and July.

​Twins Sky by Shok Han Liu (Iceland/China) & Sigurdur Svavarsson (Iceland)

The cloud is rapidly changing over the sky of Iceland. Liu, as a wife of a seaman, would like to make a connection with her husband. She asks him taking photo of sky everyday when he is on the sea. She selects one or two and collage with hers. Now it is series 7 on going. Now he is sailing from Africa to Spain.

  • Shok Han Liu has been working as an freelancer in the field of graphic design, animation & video production over 15 years. She has been running Listhus artist residency since 2012. She is nominated as Bæjarlistamaður of Fjallabyggð, 2016.

  • Sigurdur Svavarsson is a seaman almost whole his life, away from home, from Iceland. This is the first time he use photos to express his nostalgia.

Olafsfjordur Soundscape by Hannes Dufek (Austria)

A work realised while on residency in Listhús, Ólafsfjördur in June 2016. It is made entirely from sounds recorded somewhere in or around Ólafsfjördur and is intended to be a homage to this place, its people, its wildlife and the short span of time I was able to spend there. The text, spoken by my fellow artist residents and the organisers of Listhús artist residency program in all their respective languages, reflects on time and altered perception while in different spaces.

  • Hannes Dufek is an Austrian composer, improviser and sound artist. He has written internationally acclaimed concert pieces, written and performed music for children's theatre and film, appears regularly on stage as an Improv perfomer and is founding member of the several music groups and initiatives, among them most notably the ensemble for contemporary music "Ensemble Platypus" (

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