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Let’s make a Troll-Size Drawing – All Together

workshop hosted by Sonja Hinrichsen

​14.7.2017 | 14:00-18:00  top floor of  Arion banki Free soup at 18:00 for all participants!

Free Admission


As we all know, trolls are huge – much bigger and taller than humans. So, if they make a drawing, they make it REALLY big. We can do it too! ​  Come and join a fun workshop, where the entire community creates a HUGE drawing. And then, in the end, we will cut it into smaller pieces – human-size, so that everyone can take home a piece of art – or two, or three, or more…

This workshop is suitable for adults and children (age 7 and older). Children must be accompanied by an adult.  No drawing skills are needed. Everyone can do it! ​ If we don’t get finished we will continue the drawing on Saturday during the block party – see party announcement. And everyone in town will get to see it, too! You can sign up at Kaffi Klara, or by emailing the artist: Or just show up at 14:00

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