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Interspecies Communication (Melancholia)

an outdoor performance  by Cilla Berg

18 October 2014 (Saturday) gather at Listhus Gallery at 11:30 The performance is about a longing mountain singing to a whale in the sea.

Among other folk tales, the work draws on stories about ‘silkies’ or ‘selkies’, creatures that live like seals in the sea but can shred their skin and appear in human form. A silkie can only stay on land for a short time before it must return to its true home in the sea, and then it can’t come back to the same human for seven years or in some stories never again. Cilla was also researching human attempts to communicate with other species, in particular whales. The artist’s experiences of isolation and melancholia, surrounded by slightly daunting mountains have doubtlessly had an impact on the work. Cilla Berg, an artist from Sweden is staying in Listhus in September and October 2014. To know more about Cilla, please visit

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