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Nadja Andersson (Finland)

Mária Palušová (Czech Republic)

Date: 28 July - 10 August 2018 Opening reception: 15:00-17:00 Place: Kaffi Klara

photo by Anita Hunor


Nadja Andersson


My work is narrative- I tell stories. With my drawings I wish to explore my own inner landscapes and show the world some of the figures and characters that are constantly popping up in my head and all around me. Imagination is a great richness and I hope to never grow out of it.

Nadja Andersson is a Finnish artist and illustrator currently based at Listhus Art Residency in Olafsfjördur. Nadja was born and raised in Helsinki but moved to England at the age of 19 to study Fine Art at the University of Creative Arts (UCA) in Canterbury. Since graduating she has lived and worked in Scotland, Norway and Greece. Nadja currently works as a freelance illustrator parallelly to her independent art practice. She recently wrote her first “own” illustrated children’s book which was published in Helsinki 2017.

During her time in Olafsfjördur she is working on illustrating a new book, as well as preparing for her coming solo exhibition in Helsinki February 2019. Nadja also currently works as project artist for the European Union funded science project ClimeFish (more information at

(More about Nadia:


Mária Palušová


My work derives from subconscious imagery. I want my work to be a possible definition of the space of my mind which reveals my thoughts and their contact point with the outside world.​

Mária Palušová is a current Intern at Listhus Art Residency. Mária is from Czech Republic where she is studying at the Art Education programme.

During her time in Ólafsfjörður she is working on several paintings and drawings inspired by the natural– and social environment of Iceland.

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