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by Andrey Kozakov

Medium: Mixed media: Icelandic Sheepskin, and other materials

14-15.02.2019 | Menntaskólinn á Tröllaskaga (Ægisgata 13)

16-17.02.2019 | Björgunarsveitin Tindur (Námuvegur 2)

09.02.2018 | RÖSK RÝMI ( Hosted by Rösk and Listagilið / Art Street)

Winter darkness creates a mood that feels like a dream state. In the low light, and

the quiet, the imagination takes over. Across ancient Europe, people gathered

together and told stories in the darkness. The landscape of dark woods, lonely

villages and long winters, contributed to shared stories of gods, spirits, and

elders, that could transform, enchant, help or harm.

The Damavoi is a spirit that haunts the forests and homes of Eastern Europe in

deepest winter, but is celebrated and vanquished in the Spring, with festivals,

parades, and dancing. This costume, made from Icelandic sheepskin, explores

the idea of the Damavoi, and connects the ancient legend with the cultures and

myths of Iceland.

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