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Works by Hollis Schiavo


14-15.02.2019 | Menntaskólinn á Tröllaskaga (Ægisgata 13)

1940 is the year Olafsfjordur was finally connected by road. For the first time, people no longer had to deal with strange creatures for a can of herrings. 

15-17.02.2019 | Kaffi Klara

Untitled Projection


Arion Banki (Aðalgata 14)

Assimilation into an unfamiliar culture/setting is a risk one takes as an

immigrant. Incorporating the mimesis of the accepted notion of tradition,

value, and customs, artist emphasizes on the significance of speech and

facial expression of the so called “normativity”.

Skammdegi, which translates to short days(or the darkness of winter),

embodies a metaphorical representation of the grey area of immigrationthe

struggle of immigrants neither native to one’s own country nor the

new settlement.

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