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Waves and Velocities

~Sonic Interpretations of the Dark Winter

by Will Plowman, Devon Tipp, Laura Campbell & Adam Sloan (Friend Or Foe)

06.02.2016 | 20:00 | Menningarhús Tjarnarborg

Adam Sloan and Laura Campbell are part of Friend or Foe, a collective of artists and musicians who create and experiment with immersive interactive live performance using sound, music, film and light, wrapped around themes and stories connected with love and death, memories and dreams, myths and nature, people and places.

From the origins of a bassist Will Plowman has developed and diversified his sound, experimenting with electronic instrumentation, composition and soundscapes. This has lead to the creation of a number of releases on a number of different labels including his own 'A Future Without'. Plowman's work is essentially about capturing a moment in time and portraying that moment to the listener, heightening their senses and immersing them in an altered reality.

Devon Tipp, a New York based composer/bassoonist (also known as Yasamune Toyotomi), creates unorthodox musical environments from ostensibly incompatible realms. He is equally at home composing for deconstructed western woodwinds, folk instruments, the Harry Partch instruments or orchestra, drawing influence from rich Japanese and Eastern European roots, alongside experiences in Nordic countries. His compositions have been performed in the U.S., Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Germany, China and Japan.

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