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Walk with Julie Seiller

Face to face walks with artist Julie Seiller Julies Seiller is a musician singer and performer from France. She is one of Listhus residency artist staying from June 19 to July 7 in 2014. She brings this idea that has practiced in France called champignon ne sait pas que feuille colle à lui

The rules are: the walker choses a path, a direction, a way he/she is sensitive to and asks for a rendez-vous with the artist. the length and duration are decided by the walker himself/herself. The walker invites the artist to walk ! the walk will be sound recorded and the artist will ask questions to the walker. the walker arrives with his/her personal enthusiasm, walking kit, good shoes... These walks and records are finally used to create a musical performance about landscape and utopia.

More about Julie and her music here: Julie will first meet you by having a coffee or tea before walking together. Interested parties, please send us a message on Facebook or email to for the appointment.

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