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PERFORMANCE 24.11.2018 | 18:00 | Tjarnarborg Cultural House (Aðalgata 13)

director: MARA BLOME(LV)


sound artist: GEOFF GERSH(USA)

light artist: JONATHAN SIMS (USA)

In Ólafsfjörður for Moving Lights programm Māra Blome will make performance “Víðsýni” about retired pilot, his love for flying and love for his wife. Theatre piece is inspired by personal pilot stories about their passion for flying, risk taking and their life. It will be collaborations piece with Geoff Gesh sound compositions, Jotahtan Sims light art and Ingi Johannesson poetry. ​__________________ Māra Blome is latvian theatre director, what works with multimedial. She has vocational education in Drama, Valmieras State Gymnasium. After she took her BA in New Media arts, Liepajas University. During BA she participated in MPLab (Art Research Laboratory) and RIXC (The Center for New Media Culture) exhibitions with her student works. After graduation she worked as a photographer and photoshop artist and assisted on different film production sets. Māra connected both educations and did her MA as a theater director in Latvian Academy of Culture, Rīga. She have participated in PLETA (Platform European heater Academy) projects in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Finland as a performer and director.

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