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Days at the Museum hosted by Angie Dight

13~21.02.2016 | 13:30-16:30 | Hut Museum in the town center

Angie Dight is co-founder of Scotland’s leading Street Theatre Company Mischief La-Bas. Founded in 1992 their mission statement is ‘to gently warp the underlay of the fabric of society’. She has been Artistic Director since 2013 and a solo artist in live art and dance.

Skammdegi gives her the opportunity to embed within a community enabling the development and exploration of characters, stories, and the joy of exchange as well as breaking down barriers between audience and performer. If you meet any unusual characters in Olafsfjordur please have a chat - open your hearts and minds and enjoy.

Mischief La-Bas and Angie Dight are supported by Creative Scotland

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