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Songs from the body

Katrine Faber is a singer, actress, voiceperformer, storyteller and composer from Denmark. She is artistic director of Teater Viva.Teater Viva has created the project Singing Our Place: a Nordic cross art project about humans, nature and our common future. Katrine will continue her work in Olafsfjordur collecting stories, sounds and songs to create compositions and scenic montages. The working theme is Connections or Disconnections between Humans and Nature ( outside and within ourselves ); searching for the mythic, the colloquial, the comic, the tragic, the personal and the universal aspect. Katrine is working with the human voice making soundscapes and sound-pictures.

​Katrine is staying in Kleifer, Olafsfjordur from 17-27 August 2017.

​See more about Katrine at and

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