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Sigi's boat

Short Videos of the workshops

Sigi's boat is a music workshop hosted by Sigrid Keunen. Sigrid is a viola player from Belgium. The workshops are collaborated with local music schools and primary schools that are held in Dalvik, Olafsfjordur and Siglufjordur. What is Sigi's boat? Sigi's boat is a 4 meter long wooden which is not on the sea, but in the classroom. It is a stage for students creating their own stories, composing and creating their music going along with the stories. The workshops run in Fjallabyggd and Dalvik. Total 111 students participated with total 18 hours workshop 

Collaboration educational institutions: --Primary school and Music school in Fjallabyggd --Primary school and Music school in Dalvik

Photos of Workshops in Fjallabyggd

Photos of Workshop in Dalvik

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