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Round-up meeting

25.2.2017 | 15:30-20:00 | Listhus 12 & Listhus 10

​This month, we decided to have a progress review rather than an openhouse or exhibition. Firstly, we all gathered in Listhus 12, Roxanne's studio. She did a lot of "testing" about reflection of the lake, mountains are cut into different layers, texture, color and shapes.

​Then, we visited Alana's studio. She has been working a lot through these three weeks. She posted 2 series on the gallery walls and one series in one studio. Alana never hides her emotion on her works, so naked, so honest, so passionate. She is going to stay in Listhus until April.

Miriam showed her working in process of her book with full of fish, fish skin patterns, animation bones and skeleton, tattoo... The images seem real, but full of (her) imagination. She will put her sculpture in the "real" Iceland scenery and take pictures. You may see a girl with a few red hair walking in the street with a big fish head or a small horse head. That's her.

Then, Lucy showed her black & white photos taken in these days. She is looking for flat lighting and vague contour line. She is asking how to make the images not Icelandic like. She combines the landscape or separates them and reconstructs them.

​Trapper showed 20 mins of his new creation of music. He sang some of them. Almost of them create a motion picture in my head. Lucy pointed out she would like to have his music when she was driving in Iceland.

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