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Olafsfjordur Impression (1)

We are honor to be part of Summer Art Festival in Akureyri with the program, Olafsfjordur Impression. The program is included two parts, a Screening and an installation exhibition.

Olafsfjordur is a village with 800 popular located in North Iceland. Although it is only 1 hour drive from Akureyri, the biggest town in North Iceland, it is even not known among Icelanders, of course, very little tourist pollution.  In past 5 years, Listhus was running artists residency in this “remote” village and over 200 artists have visited the town and created their artworks inspired the nature and people here. Through the program, Olafsfjordur Impression, we will show you what the impression from an outsiders perspectives. It’s not the whole, but pieces by pieces.

​Video Screening: When the sun refuses to shine ​23.7.2016 | 15:00 & 17:00 | Deiglan, Akureyri ​Duration: 1 hour 20 mins

​Movie list:

  • Tunnel by YuJeong Eom (South Korea) and Kate Carr (Australia) (2013, 5:55) Olafsfjordur is connected outside through several tunnels. Before the tunnels open, the only way out in winter was by boats. Eom is a painter who animated her drawings and Carr makes the sound track along with the images.

  • The sky is erupting, but we live under the sea by Oranje Lwin (Singapore) (2014, 8:50) This short video makes us associated with the dancing plastic bag in American Beauty. However, time changes in space is always a long lasting theme in art world. Music by Etza Meisyara (Indonesia)

  • Life would be tragic if it were not funny by Jolene Mok (2015, 3:45) It’s birds daily lives, or… our lives…

  • Skammdegi by Alkistis Terzi (Greek) and Jamie Scott Gordon (Scotland) (2016, 60:00)To produce Skammdegi, Alkistis and Jamie had been staying in Olafsfjordur for 3 months in last winter. They interviewed three generations in the town how they lived on with the dark winter in a remote village. It’s a film full of kindness and friendship. 

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