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Momentary Silence in Iceland

Artist: Yu Jeong Eom 01.05.2013|15:00-17:00 02-03.05.2013|17:00-19:00

Listhus Gallery

"Basically my artwork is started on to watch. Watch something gives me to think; time, extinction, relationships between each element of landscape...." stated Yu Jeong Eom. In Iceland, she watched people eating, swimming, fishing, landscap.... all these will show in Momentary Silence (Iceland).

Eom graduated in Painting department of Hong-ik University, Korea in 2009. She lives the big city, Seoul in South Korea. She always feel tension between people. After graduated, she mainly focused in drawing human figures. Interestingly, being Iceland she feels the tension between nature and human is stronger than the relationship between people. She explained that the nature in Iceland was like a giant, huge and wide and people were so small. Besides painting, she also made animation and video.

Tunnel: An animation was created during her stay

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