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i thought about you when i was here: Ólafsfjörður

A project by Safiah Sulaiman

28.01~21.02.2016 | Window display at Post Office, Olafsfjordur

i thought about you when i was here: Ólafsfjörður is by far Safiah´s personal project to date. The international collaborative art project involves a local school in Ólafsfjörður, Menntaskólinn á Tröllaskaga (MTR), and the following artists from Skammdegi Festival: Fernanda Chieco (Brazil), Jack Duplock (London, UK) and J ade de Robles (Spain/England)

Safiah Sulaiman is a Singapore-based artist whose areas of interest include youth arts education, critical discourse on socially engaged art, and exploring themes on cross cultural communication in relation to time-space and environment. She used to be the Education and Outreach Executive in one of Singapore´s most established arts companies, The Necessary Stage ( ), and was part of the organising team for the annual M1 Singapore Fringe Festival ( She also assisted in the marketing strategies and publicity for the 10th anniversary of da:ns Festival, one of Esplanade’s key festivals, as Festival Assistant (Arts Marketing). Briefly, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay ( is one of the busiest arts centres in the world with about 3,000 performances and exhibitions presented yearly.

Safiah Sulaiman is supported by National Arts Council (Singapore).

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