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Exhibition in June


flute performance: 17:00

Tjarnarborg (Aðalgata 13, Ólafsfjörður)

new work with visuals, inspired by Icelandic music, nature, and the people of Fjallabyggð

visual art: 18:00-20:00

Listhús gallery (Ægisgata 10, Ólafsfjörður)

new works inspired by Ólafsfjörður​

Participant artists:

  • Anno Weihs​ (Menden, Germany)

  • Carrie C Firman​ (Fitchburg, USA)

  • Eric Tillinghast​ (CA, USA)

  • Jade Suine​ (Petersham, Australia)

  • Marie Sønderskov​ (Danmark)

  • Stephanie Paine​ (LA, USA)

  • Sonja Hinrichsen​ (Oakland, USA)

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