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Dancing Workshops in Troll Art Festival

Workshop 1 for kids | 11. 08 | 14:30-16:00 | Tjarnarborg

The warming exercises aim to break the ice by pretending frog jumping, horse running or lizard crawling, that let the children freely move around. Then the tutor leads the children to observe and imitate different status of leaves in nature, such as the leaves laying on the ground or the ones swinging in the wind. Finally, the children will dance in group and share the fun.


Workshop 2 for adults | 12. 08 | 16:30-18:00 | Tjarnarborg

The workshop starts with simple warming exercises of "Taiji Dao-yin" which help to release the pressure inside your joins and get focus on breathing. Then you will learn a set of movement inspired by "Taiji Dao-yin" and experience new ways of moving your body. Leading by the tutor, you will try to create a little dance piece by using the movements learnt with music. Moving is so easy, creation is so simple! *Taiji Dao-yin is guided martial art created based on the principles of Taiji Quan. "Dao" means to direct the "Qi" (energy flow in the body) and "Yin" means to attract the body. The practice uses movements to expand and contract hands and feet, to increase circulation, and to expel the toxic substance in the body.

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