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Improvisation Dance

Dancing in Troll Art Festival

improvisation performance by Rebecca Wong Dance Group

08. 08 | 15:00 | Cafe Klara

Say hallo and dance jam with you

09. 08 | 14:30 | Tjarnarborg Dance and art jam in the exhibition


Improvisation Dance Performance - A cross-culture-and-arts-form performance Jamming with the local and overseas artists, the performance brings dance and visual arts together and explores the unique space of wild land of Iceland under the blue sky of the magic hours.

13. 08 | 15:00 | Cafe Klara


17. 08 | 16:00 | Tjarnarborg

Fee Jam & Rebecca Wong collaboration with David Lin

Kingsan Lo collaboration with Laura Marconi

Dance group collaboration with Julie Livsey


When Time Limps (full-length work) - A Dance Tribute to Salvador Dali

15. 08 | 17:00 | Listhus gallery

17. 08 | 20:00 | Tjarnarborg

Inspired by the paintings and diary of the Surrealist, Salvador Dali, the dance traces the steps of Dali, revealing his insistence and fears on the road of creation and how the Mother of Nature being his salvation. With the original music, imaginations popped from the paintings become the moving shadows on the wall, leading us to the surreal world.

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